With her album cycle in full swing Kesha is back better than ever as she’s released a brand new promotional single entitled ‘Rainbow,’ the title track of her brand new record. Kesha has already set the music world alight with releases such as beautifully constructed ‘Praying’, female power stomper ‘Woman’ and nostalgic ‘Learn to Let go’.

Produced by Ben Folds ‘Rainbow’ is almost Kesha’s soundtrack to her life, she’s found her resistance to letting the past her hurt so much, this attempt seriously fills the void of hurt; if you could see colours burst from her chest this would be the song to accompany that. Ben Fold’s production is something of a masterpiece here; exemplifying self-love as if it were from a motion picture.

Kesha Rainbow Review

‘Rainbow’ a triumphant realisation, beautifully crafted to sit within the modern pop-funk mould. Piano sets the song off, eloquently executed whilst Kesha’s subtle vocal appears singing…

“You used to live in the darkness, dressed in black act so heartless; but now I see the colours are everything”

A graciously sung realisation that assumes she’s not who she thought she was. She goes on to sing

“darling our scars make us who we are”

“I know life is scary but just put those colours on girl and come and play along with me tonight”

Backed by a breath of violins a perfect euphoric expression of self love is felt. The song is full of light, full of victory making Kesha’s past seem almost like the challenge that she’s managed to overcome with all the support and love she’s received.

Kesha Rainbow Review

From a subtle start to a grand finish; The essence of victory comes full frontal as the symbols crash, the violins ignite to their full potential and a generous amount of angel-like background vocal is added before dimming, leaving Kesha to sing one last note..

“Come and paint the world with me tonight”

It’s no secret that Kesha’s latest album release was going to be focused on her past hurt, the album fills the 6 year void of no music, though some would say it’s a safe bet to do that; I couldn’t disagree more. It’s a courageous, brave example of a warrior (no pun intended) Kesha’s stepped out of the fires of evil to show strength, beauty & depth. Especially with this song. I couldn’t more in awe of her.

Kesha Rainbow Review

To accompany this incredible song is a music video released along side the initial release of the track go ahead and watch the video for it below.