It’s been over 4 long years since we have all had the pleasure of hearing Kesha’s amazing voice on a record of her own; ever since her horrendous court battle against Dr.Luke. For those of you are not entirely sure what’s happened, in brief; Kesha launched a court case against music producer born Lukasz Gottwald, Kesha reported rape allegations against him during their time working together making music/albums. Of which got shot down by Lukasz himself and his corrupt team at Sony as they sued against her for ‘defamation’.

Kesha’s case was dismissed a number of times through court as there was not enough ‘evidence’ so they claimed. yet the events of the case are still somewhat unsolved however Kesha is evidently able to make and release brand new material as she’s just premiered her beautiful new song ‘Praying’.

The song opens with a heartfelt monologue from Kesha herself, capsualting her anger and rage of what she’s been through. Sounding exhausted and caught in pain: Kesha asks the questions…

“Am i I dead? or is this one of those dreams, one of those horrible dreams that last forever. If I’m alive, why? Why? if there is a god or whatever something, somewhere. Why have I been abounded by everything I’ve ever known or ever loved? Stranded, what is the lesson? What is the point? God give me a sign or I have to give up, I can’t do this anymore. Please just let me die…. being alive just hurts too much.”

A beautifully constructed Piano starts off the song setting the tone of upset and anguish. ‘You almost had me fooled’ Kesha says monotnal talking directly about her former producer. Immediately you’re aware of her power and her stance on the song, it’s honestly beautiful, she’s captured the hearts of many.

Further along the song she sings ‘After everything you’ve done / I can thank you for what I’ve become’ she sings. ‘No more monsters, I can breathe again.’

A huge beat kicks in and she hits an impressive high note as she sings the self-empowering words ‘the best is yet to come’. On the hook belts out the words ‘I hope your soul is changing.’ It’s incredibly personal, raw, and honest, demonstrating her incredible vocal talents and anthemic in feel.

It’s 2017’s anthem packed F-YOU song featuring such depth and control. You can feel that she’s back on top of the world after such a harrowing time, suffering for a number of years. Written with Ben Abraham and Ryan Lewis Macklemore, Praying is the first single from the new record, and is a bold, emotional ballad.

Kesha’s brand new album ‘Rainbow’ will be hitting the world on August 11th. Please I urge every single of you to listen to her message, please open your minds and learn from her message going forward. Thank you.


And boy are we glad. 5/5