Actor Sam Elliot is starring alongside Lady Gaga in Bradley Cooper’s remake of ‘A Star Is Born’ and he recently talked about working with Mother Mother, in a new interview with Metro

Check out an excerpt form the interview below

You’re shooting Bradley Cooper’s remake of “A Star is Born,” which means you’re in a movie with Lady Gaga. I find that pretty surprising.

Me, too. That’s why I’m doing this thing — for her. Nothing against Bradley. I love Bradley. It’s incredible to see him on set, directing and acting, not only playing guitar and singing like he’d been doing it for his entire career, but in command. In command and in control. This guy’s work ethic — he’s about being honest in the work.

Do you listen to Lady Gaga?

I listen to a lot of her music. My daughter’s as big a fan of Lady Gaga. By virtue of that, I’ve been listening to her music since the get-go. I took Cleo, my daughter, to work, and she got to have an incredible encounter with Stefani. I was so proud and so happy; that’s one of the great gifts that comes along once in a while.

Well it sure sounds like Sam Elliot is a Little Monster to us!


A Star Is Born will be released worldwide 28 September, 2018.