Lady Gaga has been a prominent social activist and philanthropist over the years, often lending her voice and star-power to draw attention to causes true and deep to her heart, with the hope and and desire for change.

Mother Monster has been on a mission to truly make this world a better place, and just like her creativity, she channels this in many ways. From co-founding and launching The Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University in 2012 with her mother Cynthia – a foundation that promotes and supports youth wellness – to talking about self-love and acceptance from day one in her very first televised interview way back in 2008. Gaga has never shied away from talking about what matters and has become a role model and voice for the disenfranchised youth of today.

Lady Gaga has been making a statement with her fashion and music since the beginning of her career, but her boldest statements are quite possibly her reflections and admissions on self-love and acceptance, in addition to her unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community.  Mother Monster has always spoke very openly and candidly about her struggles too, sharing very deep and personal stories about her battles with being bullied, eating disorders, mental health problems, suffering from PTSD, drug-dependency and chronic pain amongst many other things.

Some of these battles are still classed as “too taboo” to talk about in society, especially in relation to mental health, and Gaga being as vocal as she has been about these issues has definitely contributed towards shifting that taboo, breaking down barriers and putting these conversations in the forefront of society and amongst her fans. Her bravery has been pivotal in sparking these conversations within ourselves and with each other, and has in virtue helped, healed and inspired countless people in the process.

Gaga’s messages of love, kindness, equality and acceptance do not end with the lady herself. In fact her messages are echoed and reinforced by the Little Monster fan base on social media, who like Gaga, use their platforms and pages to inspire and help others. One Little Monster that truly embodies this is Giuseppe, who you may know as @italianmonster6 on Twitter. His bravery and openness about his struggles have inspired myself and many others. Giuseppe  is very passionate about wanting to make the world a better place, and his ideologies, videos and tweets are nothing short of inspiring.

In February this year Giuseppe was personally chosen by Pepsi to attend Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance from the front lines. Describing the experience as life changing, we over here at The Pop Bible were fortunate enough to talk to Giuseppe about his love for Lady Gaga, attending the most watched music event of all time and what it means to be a Little Monster and more. Be sure to check out the full interview below.

When and where did you first discover Lady Gaga?

The first time I felt gravitated towards Lady Gaga was when I heard the epic opening “Muh muh muh muh” from Poker Face. I was immediately intrigued. The sound felt so fresh and different. The music was like nothing else out there and was in a league of its own. From there, I was inspired by Gaga’s music, visuals, fashion and kind heart.

When did you become a Little Monster?

I became a Little Monster when I started to see how loving and caring Gaga truly was. Not only is she an amazing artist, but most importantly a beautiful human being with a huge heart of gold. She has introduced me to so many of the amazing fans, whom I see so much of myself in. I am truly blessed and honored to be a Little Monster. Without the fan base, I don’t know where I would be today. I am so inspired by the bravery, love, kindness and strength of Little Monsters!

What inspires you the most about Lady Gaga?

What inspires me most about Lady Gaga: she is an authentic woman who would do anything to strive for a kinder, more loving world. Despite all the negativity in our lives, Gaga has shown us on many occasions that we can overcome our struggles and come out of it all victorious.

What is your all time favourite song and video from Lady Gaga and why?

‘Marry The Night’ has always resonated with me. The production of the track is truly superb; the introduction of the chiming bells sets you up for an epic dance track. Every time I felt sad or was just having a tough day, I would turn on this record and it would uplift me to feel better about myself. In the music video, Lady Gaga is opening up on her battles and struggles of becoming an artist. She was rejected by so many, yet she overcomes the adversity and remains the artist she was born to be. Through the sound and visuals of ‘Marry The Night’, I was inspired to never give up, not only on my ambitions, but on my life. With each album, song, music video and live performance, I learned more about Lady Gaga but most importantly discovered the person who I was destined to become.

You have an amazing Gaga Doll collection, how did that come about?

I have always been inspired by the talent of Lady Gaga’s fans. The artwork of Little Monsters is on another level of talent! I discovered the Mini Gaga dolls several years ago. Sergio Sanchez– artist, Little Monster and my good friend from Spain- is the mastermind behind the beautiful creations. All of the Gaga doll looks that I currently own give me such joy!

Giuseppe ItalianMonster6 Lady Gaga Dolls

Pepsi chose you to attend Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl in Houston from the front line, how was it experiencing the performance in the flesh?

When I found out that I was one of the chosen fans to attend Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime show, I was beyond honored! The energy of the stadium was something that I will never forget. While watching Gaga perform her old and newer hits, it all felt so unreal! I felt such a large sense of pride for Gaga because even though she is a famous artist who has sold millions of records around the world, she still remains Stefani Germanotta from New York City; the girl with a dream. She went from singing in dive bars to stadiums to arenas..and now at the Super Bowl!

Celebrating this amazing moment with fellow Little Monsters was the highlight of my trip in Houston. Spending time with all the fans was a life changing experience that I will never forget!

Guiseppe ItalianMonster6 Super Bowl Lady Gaga

Other than Gaga, what other artists inspire you?

Music is a huge part of my life. It has and continues to give me the strength to continue on with my life even when I am at my lowest points. Without music, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. My biggest influences in music include: The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Ella Fitzgerald, Hans Zimmer and many more!


What is your all time favourite song from Lady Gaga?

One of my favorite songs by Lady Gaga is ‘Heavy Metal Lover.’ It’s something about the synth/rock/hammering beat that just makes you want to have a good time and dance. Whether you are driving in your car or going for a jog, it’s the energy of the song that pulls me in for the ride!

What other artists are you a fan of?

Currently, I love the new Lorde album ‘Melodramma.’ I am also a big fan of Sia, Adele and Twenty One Pilots.

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What does being a Little Monster mean to you?

Being a Little Monster is more than being a Lady Gaga fan. For me, the qualities of a Little Monster are being authentic and remaining true to your identity. It’s a person who wholeheartedly lives through the message of Lady Gaga’s artistry: to love, be kind and accept others despite their differences. And ultimately, to further lead by example and to help anybody who is need.

How has Lady Gaga changed your life?

There will never be enough words to describe how Lady Gaga has changed my life. Through her artistry, she has inspired me to become a better human being. I have learned to accept and love myself for who I am, even though at times it may be difficult. She has blessed me with many amazing people, including Little Monsters, who in turn have given me the strength and courage to withstand the darkest moments in my life.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me, fashion is more than an article of clothing or a garment. Fashion is a form of self expression. It helps me to feel more confident and more of who I really am in the inside. I would describe my style as a hybrid of old fashioned classics with a modern twist. Just a few of my fashion influences include: Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent

ItalianMonster6 Giuseppe

What do you love the most about the Joanne World Tour?

I was fortunate to attend the first Los Angeles show for The Joanne World Tour. Anytime I attend a Lady Gaga show, it’s an experience I will never forget. I always anticipate seeing all the fans and the attire in which they are wearing. I must say that the opening number, ‘Diamond Heart’ blew me away! The energy of the track is such a great song to perform live. I also loved the amazing interludes that Gaga had during the show! Overall, everything about the show was nothing short of epic!

Giuseppe Joanne World Tour ItalianMonster6

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