The girls of RuPaul’s Drag Race had nothing but praise for Lady Gaga in a new video posted by Billboard, as part of their LGBTQ+ pride video series. Stars of the show Derrick Barry, Manila Luzon, Mariah Balenciaga, Willam Beli and Pandora Boxx shared why they love Mother Monster so much in the short video below

Derrick Barry on Lady Gaga:

“Lady Gaga is the reason that ‘Born This Way’ is such an anthem. Gaga has taught me about self-acceptence, loving yourself and loving everyone else for what they believe in.”

Manila Luzon Praises Lady Gaga

Manila Luzon on Lady Gaga:

“Gaga has been such a fantastic advocate for our community and we just love everything she does. She has been such a huge inspiration to me and practically every drag queen that I know. Keep on doing what you do Gaga, I can’t wait to see what’s next”

drag race stars praise lady gaga

Mariah Balenciaga on Lady Gaga:

“Lady Gaga has always been such an advocate for truth and self-expression. I love her music. I’m so excited for A Star Is Born”

Pandora Boxx on Lady Gaga:

“Lady Gaga, I love her she’s like your fierce drag queen friend but she’s not really a drag queen”

It is amazing to see so many queens supporting the queen that is Lady Gaga. We would love to see Mother Monster (who is a huge fan of the show) make a return to Drag Race in the future too! We couldn’t get enough of her appearance last time. It was all types of fabulous and our little pop hearts couldn’t handle it!

gaga drag race