Demi’s infusion of sassiness and empowerment in Sorry Not Sorry meet’s modern house music.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve a solo single release from the vaults of vocal powerhouse ‘Demi Lovato’. That’s all about to change as she’s just dropped an absolute summer-sizzler entitled ‘Sorry Not Sorry’.

The empowerment power-anthem was released dropped just today and In my typical fashion I’ve already had it on play more than times than I can count. Deep house influenced male dominance takes the forefront of the audio upon the single press of the play button: “Paybackis a bad bitch and baby I’m the baddest” the overly edited vocal echoes.

In comes Demi’s forceful pop voice demanding you instant attention as she belts out….

“Now I’m out here looking like revenge Feelin’ like a 10, the best I ever been. And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this, but it gets worse (wait a minute) Now you’re out here looking like regret. Ain’t too proud to beg, second chance you’ll never get And yeah, I know how bad it must hurt to see me like this But it gets worse (wait a minute)”

Meanwhile the deep, impactful baseline sits perfectly behind Demi’s dominance as the progression of the track then enters the pre-chorus with those infectious snaps, the tempo rises & the synths build reaching a euphoric electrified chorus that’s filled with even more snaps and an infectious, distorted, tropical-fired melody.

It has to be pointed out that.. at this point the chorus is undertaken so well by Demi’s “Sorry Not Sorry” repetition. Her voice is so powerful a fine match for a brilliant chorus. I like this a lot.

The bridge enters a simplistic beat per vocal ensemble as Demi aggressively attacks the words with slight further repetition.

“Talk that talk, baby better walk, better walk that walk, baby If you talk, if you talk that talk, baby better walk, better walk that walk, baby, oh yeah”

Finally the chorus takes one final leap; enhancing the tropical-house melody & the sledgehammering beat before ending with a stripped back production. The deep vocal re-appears with..

“Payback is a bad bitch and baby I’m the baddest

This song is an absolute firecracker, it’s most defiantly set the tone for Demi’s upcoming project, which for now is shrouded in mystery. Howver, Demi told Chris Booker for Amazon Music that the new record is not indicative of the sound of her new record. Interesting!


One critique I have for this song is the chorus; as good as it is, for me it’s lacking something final to really kick that bass line into the universe.. I’m not entirely sure what that is but I feel that something is missing. Though with that being said; Get ready radio Demi’s about to kill the game with this summer smash, I personally will be adding this to my summer playlist like many of you out there will be doing so too.

What a smash! Way to go Demi. 4/5