When all the pressures of the modern day world get all too much, your exams take control, your family life exhausts you to breaking point, when your relationship takes a turn for the worst…. ultimately what do you need to do? That’s right.. Disconnect from it all, exactly the lesson to be learnt from Marina & Clean Bandit’s anthem that’s just come out today.

With success oozing from both artistic sides; this collaboration comes from the pop vault delicately stroking your face with it’s tranquil production, light snaps and earthy bass kicks, flickering synths & Marina’s demanding vocal etching a wondrous path to your inner trance/dance personality.

marina diamonds new song disconnect

Taking into account the lyrics of the masterpiece it’s safe to say Marina is vocalising her concern about being alone yet wanting to disconnect from the woes of her past, she expresses..

“I’ve been feeling anxious, ain’t been feeling right, I’ve been staying up all night. I’ve been calling exes tryna disconnect I can’t cut the wires running round my head.”

It’s absolutely evident that this year’s theme has been circulated around ‘Break up’s’ & heartbreaks what with Lorde’s most recent phenomenal release. It’s been beautiful to witness such heartfelt devotion from these artists put into audio, this is why I live to experience music.


Clean Bandit have such epic form when it comes to igniting the world with their infectious pop bangers, notably their recent firecracker ‘Symphony’ featuring the multi-talented Zara Larson, spending multiple weeks in the top 10 it continues to decimate other attempts surrounding it. Clean Bandit’s catalogue continues to grow, it’s worth also mentioning the other songs that have burst through the charts;  Rockabye (feat. Sean Paul & Anne Marie), Tears (Feat. Louisa Johnson) & Rather Be (Feat. Jess Glyne). Rest assured we live for this kind of music, it’s catalogue I will surly be watch grow even more.

Ultimately ‘Disconnect’ really makes my mind wonder, eventually finding a destination within a modern type of ecstasy in 2017 despite reality’s attempt to divide us; Marina’s subtle yet bold voice captures my ears instantaneously;  I can see this track making it’s way to the top and rightly so, it’ll re-fresh the current top 10 as they’re currently inundated with rap, trap partly hints of crap too.